A mal-line influence: why some all-in-one jiggers just don't measure up

March 21, 2019

A mal-line influence: why some all-in-one jiggers just don't measure up

We understand the bar managers dilemma: seeking practical ways to reduce costs in order to increase profits.

Sometimes that means streamlining certain aspects of your business.

Rationalising clutter on the bar top seems like a great start, replacing multiple products with just one. In theory this seems logical, yet sometimes great intentions don’t always translate into the savings desired.

One example is the ‘all-in-one’ multi-lined jigger. A device designed to replace multiple jiggers with just one.

If your bar is in this boat, here’s some information you may not be aware of:

1. Night Vision

It’s really hard to read the small internal cavity line markings in a dimly lit bar, making an over serve that much easier.

2. The parallax rule

Do you remember learning about the parallax rule at school?

You might have skipped that day’s class, so our blog on glassware is here to give you a quick recap

In summary, depending on where you hold a jigger will produce different readings relative to the user’s line of sight, creating an unintentional over-pour.

Parallax Rule Creating an Unintentional Over-Pour | Überbartools™

3. More junk in your trunk

The greater the volume capacity of a jigger, the easier it is to over-shoot a level line as the extra space is there, unused! .

4. The Liquor Waste Trap

Liquor waste is a trap most bars experience according to inventory liquor experts Barmetrix . Their bar audits show bars regularly lose 10-15% of every served shot of alcohol. Using ‘all-in-one’ multi-lined jiggers might be one cause of the losses bars suffer

5. A Simple Fix

Uberbartools™, innovators in bar tool design, overcame multi-lined jigger over pouring issues by looking at the problem differently. Creating three solutions: the ProJig™, ProBarJig and ProBarBone jiggers.

Uberbartools range of jiggers with multiple measures

These jiggers rely on separate volume cavities to provide the control to reduce the tendency to over pour alcohol.

So, when you’re thinking about how to be more cost-effective sometimes the low-cost quick fix isn’t the right answer. Sometimes the upfront investment increases profit in the long run - no need to read between the lines here!

Like what you see here? We have a LIMITED TIME OFFER FOR YOU! Purchase one ProJig or ProBarJig and get the second one FREE using code MULTIJIG2.

Offer ends 5pm AEDT April 30, online only, limit of three free jiggers per purchase and one code per customer.

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