May 12, 2020

Bake & Bar | Überbartools™

Retailers tell us that Bake and Bar are 2 strongly performing categories right now.

Not surprising given the number of consumers stuck at home looking for creative and pleasurable ways to fill in a day or evening.

Within the broader Bar category, it’s cocktail making that’s grabbing most attention.

Bottle shops confirm increased spend on base spirits ( vodka, gin, rum, whisky), the platform required to make the most popular cocktails

To help you promote cocktails and cocktail tools here are 3 Überbartools™ cocktail making links to share across your social channels.

Download the Überbartools™ catalogue here

Pure Cane Strawberry Caipirinha | Überbartools™


Australian Distillers Cocktails Skinny DIP | Überbartools™


Australian Distillers Cocktails Super Nova | Überbartools™


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