How the jiggers took a u-turn

June 27, 2019

Uberbartools copper jigger for accurate cocktail measuring

We know that when you're behind the bar day-in, day-out, a good bar setup can make cocktail mixing second-nature.

But when something starts to irritate you, like missing tools from the bar station, a leaky pourer or the constant sticky mess, you'll be looking for a way to fix it.

In theory, jiggers should be a bartender’s best friend. They should enable a consistent pour and therefore a better cocktail experience. But, consistently good cocktails can only be made when you’re as accurate as possible in your measurements.

And not all jiggers are made equal when it comes to accuracy. Look more closely at that round jigger. If you fill it to the top for a full measure, you'll notice a bubble forms. This is called meniscus and that can lead to:

  • Spills
  • Overpour
  • Inaccuracy
  • Limitations on measurements

generic round jiggers cause spills

The issue here is that jiggers have, to all intents and purposes, been the same for centuries, with references to jiggers dating back to the 1800s.

And while there doesn’t seem to be a clear date from when we started using the jigger, there is no doubt that the predominant shape of jigger, even today, is round. Which at Über, we suspect is down to our human love of predictability or familiarity.

We also suspected that it was this round shape, and the occurring meniscus, that was causing bars to waste alcohol and therefore money. And so we set out to make some changes.

Which is how we took a u-turn, moving away from the round jigger to our unique trilobal design.

Here are a few reasons making the jigger switch could make a difference to you:

1. You're over the overpour: 

The bubble on each round jigger can equate to an extra 3-5ml on each 30ml or 1oz shot you pour, which might not sound like a huge amount, but that's 10 per cent extra for every customer (if it doesn't end up on the bar first!) averaged out across the week, you'll likely find that 10 per cent makes a big difference.

round jiggers waste 10% alcohol

Read more about the maths behind your pouring here.

2. It’s a no for inaccuracy

As per the point above, where is that extra 10 per cent going? If it ends up in the customer's drink it could alter the flavour and mean inconsistent cocktails. Alternatively, if it ends up on the bar you'll find yourself with inaccurate numbers when it comes to stock take. 

Learn more about spotting the signs of liquor wastage here.

3. More multiple measures :

With a round jigger you can expect to have two measures - one on each end of the jigger. But what if you need smaller or larger measurements? Some jiggers use measuring lines, but they are very hard to read in a darkened bar, at peak hour. Our ProJig measures up to 12 different volume combinations within the one jigger.

Uberbartools range of jiggers for accurate cocktail making

Our guide to choosing an all-in-one jigger is here.

We've spent over a decade working with bars to rethink tool design, discovering what works and what doesn't. Our trilobal jigger is the ultimate symbol of that dedication to flawless design for flawless cocktail making.

So, if you want to reduce waste, increase profit, improve efficiency and work with beautiful tools, why not check out our range of jiggers here.

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